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The choir

The Cantus Decorus Singers was founded by six singers from Nyíregyháza (Hungary) in the fall
of 2002. All of the members became acquainted with music, especially with choral music at the
Zoltán Kodály Primary School in Nyíregyháza. They have sung in the Cantemus Children’s Choir
and the Cantemus Boys’ Choir, and currently they keep going back to reinforce the parts of the
Cantemus Mixed Choir as well. The singers in the choir are proud to be members of the Cantemus
Choir Family.

According to the distribution of the parts within the choir, mainly pieces of the renaissance church and secular choral music consist the mainstream of its repertoire, but beside them there are also the choral works of composers from the twentieth century and contemporary, mainly Hungarian componists (Kodály, Farkas, Orbán, Kocsár, Petrovics), among others spirituals and light music arrangements to be found.
The aim of the choir is firstly to make popular this and the similar ways of singing together
(mainly in singer groups with a lower number of members); and the conscious adoption of Zoltán
Kodály's principles in music pedagogy, and the participation and holding the ensemble's ground
in professional matters in the Hungarian choral life as well.

The members of the choir:

          Péter Magyar – countertenor

          Attila Nagy – countertenor

          Gábor Eszenyi – tenor

          Péter Gyülvészi – baritone

          Benjámin Joó – baritone

          Balázs Kiss – bass

Honorary members of the choir:

          Zsófia Nagymarczi – treble

          Dóra Albert – treble

Some of the more important public performances of the choir:

          "Choir Conference"
            (Nádasdladány, 2003.)

          Odd Tuesdays' Music House, at the Saint Michael Chapel
            (Budapest, 2003.)

          Studio-recordings, Hungarian Radio Station Bartók, broadcast: "Choir-Stage"
            (Budapest, 2003.)

          Lutheran Choir-meeting
            (Nyíregyháza, 2004.)

          15th International Festival for Chamber-choirs
            (Miskolc, 2004.)

          14th Renaissance and Barock Days in Keszthely
            (Keszthely, 2004.)

          Béla Bartók 21st International Choir Competition
            (Debrecen, 2004.)

          XXI Festival Voci d'Europa and XIII. Rassegna Concordia Vocis
            (Sardinia, Italy, 2004.)

          Week of The Hungarian Culture
            (Kajaani, Finland, 2005.)

          10th International Choir Competition in Budapest
            (Budapest, 2005.)

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